20 Most Promising Marine Tech Solution Providers - 2019

Considering the ever-changing panorama of technologies, “what’s next” is a simple question to ask, but the answer is difficult. While the industrial revolution extensively changes the face of numerous industries, the maritime sector has also felt the tremors. As the developments in automation, deep learning systems, robotics, and digital currencies bring forth a new era in maritime operations and shipping businesses, marine stakeholders need to seize the long-term opportunities that come with it. The marine industry is scanning the horizon in constant pursuit of cost-effective technologies and business solutions to ‘future proof’ its fleets and assets. Ship operators have been under pressure from the rule of marine technology market economy—constant operational change to meet evolving  customer requirements—to improve operational efficiency without affecting the environment.

The emerging shift in trade fragmentations and geographical configurations has induced fast-paced competition between maritime solution providers at sea. With artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial Internet of things (IIoT) making inroads into shipping, vessel computers now possess the intelligence to understand the maritime conditions and navigate without human interaction. The evolution of deep learning computers and on-shore high-volume data analytics will immensely benefit the ship owners. Data analytics and automation aside, blockchain technology plays a vital role in revolutionizing cargo trade and supply chain logistics over maritime routes, fledging the industry toward secure and reliable digital transactions.

With solution providers for marine technology filling up to the brim in the industry, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts, CIOReview’s editorial board narrowed the solution providers that exhibit competence in delivering innovation in the maritime sector.

We now present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Marine Tech Solution Providers – 2019.”

Top Marine Companies

Provides a fuel management platform that facilitates transparent and efficient fuel procurement across multiple locations and departments, and generate audit trails to abide by the compliance laws

Provides a compact ballast water treatment system (BWTS)—Hyde GUARDIAN GOLD®—to streamline the ballast water treatment

Provides a wide range of USVs to help organizations perform various tasks such as water quality monitoring, hydrographic survey, surveillance and more by controlling it remotely

The company's integrated products, services, and innovative solutions safely de-risk operational systems, increase reliability, and enable a lower total cost of ownership

Provides unique and cost-effective exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) to comply with IMO’s incoming 2020 sulphur cap regulations

Provides IoT-powered sensors and devices to monitor, track, and control marine assets and provide access to the metrics and state via its cloud access and apps

3D at Depth

The company's advanced subsea LiDAR laser (SL) systems and survey support services help customers transform the value of underwater 3D data

Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT)

Specializing in precision technologies for the manned and unmanned aerospace industry

Blue Guard Innovations

Protects boat owners, water resources & environment with Next Gen Smart Sensors & Bilge Pump Switch


Leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the greatest challenges; from deep space to the depths of the ocean

DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc.

Creates subsea buoyancy products for leading companies in the oceanographic, seismic, survey, military and offshore oil & gas markets


Global quality assurance and risk management company. Driven by the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment. Enabling customers to advance the safety and sustainability of their business


Helps marinas, boatyards, and boat dealerships gain control of their operations by providing a complete and integrated system with which to manage all daily operations

Greensea Systems, Inc.

Provides practical commercial solutions to make the hard work of the marine industry easier, cheaper, and ultimately more effective

Hemisphere GNSS

Leader in high-performance satellite positioning with a strong technology foundation and a relentless focus on innovation


Operates the world’s first Globalized Network, delivering high-quality, cost-effective video and broadband services anywhere in the world

MetOcean Telematics

Provides complete end-to-end telematics services, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions and custom Defence & Security products


Provides operational technologies that unlock greater performance and efficiency for customers & the world's leading terminal operators

Remote Sensing Solutions

Global leader in advancing remote sensing technology through innovative radar systems/subsystems and science through services with data and modeling products in the fields of hydrology, oceanography and topography mapping

UUV Aquabotix Ltd

Leader in revolutionary smart, small, and easily deployable technology for the underwater domain